Thursday, 26 January 2012

Humanitea Rooms poetry!

Young Professionals in Human Rights, bought together two sacred things at their Humanitea Rooms event in a pop-up cafe in Richmond: human rights and tea.

At the closing event on November 5th 2011 I curated and hosted, poetry that reflected human rights issues was added to the mix and a packed audience heard headliner Martin Powell and Julian Moorman perform.

This piece on divided communities was performed. 

The Party Wall Surveyor’s Report

Planning permission ignored

(despite something said in a small Flemish hall

about tulips growing pale in the shade).

For a large fence is blocking

my  client’s sun

and his children can’t grow

and have lost their kite

over the other side

where the neighbours dog

eats kites.

My client states

that you built a wall

through his living room

splitting the sofa in two,

so his wife never saw

the end of the news.

My client knows

about your unlicensed sprinkler

that is making grass hay

and turning dinner dessert.

His water feature is clogged

and the koi carp were algae-gagged

then fished by you.

His orchard has been lopped,

trundled by heavy wheelbarrows

then levelled to marmalade,

that not even bees touch-

as they are not allowed in

without your permission.

My client asks

for free bee passage ways,

as his flowers are bypassed

and are feeling small.

There’s a noise complaint too,

beyond ASBO severity,

for the fireworks that invade his dreams

and are burning him.

He still resents that you watch

from your roof whilst his roof

falls in.

We know you need gravel

for your garden path

to your pine pagoda,

but would appreciate

you not grinding up

the walls of his house.

My client’s drive is blocked

by your errant kids

who check his identity

each time he tries to live.

My client fears

he has no mans land but yours

and no ones word by his

but I speak for my client

and you should let him live.