Monday, 21 May 2012

Beaconsfield and Chipping Norton Performances

The New Libertines

Was delighted to perform alongside Claire Trevien and James Webster again, this time in Chipping Norton, at an event organised by Dan Holloway entitled "The New Libertines." Eight poets were expertly curated and introduced by Dan, and they performed diverse and dramatic short sets on a range of topics and styles. We were asked to return to the Chipping Norton Literary festival next year, which we are all really looking forward too! Claire reviewed the event here, and the event was organised by Dan`s Eight Cuts Gallery who have their website here. Watch out for their latest events!

Poetry and Wine 

Performing alongside Claire TrĂ©vien, Dan Holloway, James Webster, Jill Wallis and Simon Barraclough was a real honour at the lovelz Royal Standard of England in Beaconsfield, a place I had never been before, and where incidentally the pub holds weekly morris dancing sessions...  
A review of the event by Sabotage Reviews can be found here