Tuesday, 25 February 2014

In Protest- 150 poems for human rights

In 2013 I was delighted to work with the University of London's Human Rights Consortium and fellow Keats House Poet Anthony Hett on collating and editing an anthology of human rights poetry titled 'In Protest- 150 poems for human rights'. 

‘The 150 poems included here were written by poets with heritage from 28 different countries and provide a rare insight into experiences of oppression, discrimination, and dispossession – and yet they also offer strong messages of hope and solidarity.

This anthology brings you contemporary works from both established and emerging poets that are truly outstanding for both their human rights and poetic content. Arranged across thirteen themes – Expression, History, Land, Exile, War, Children, Sentenced, Slavery, Women, Regimes, Workers, Unequal, and Protest.

 ‘In Protest’ features the work of acclaimed UK poets Moniza Alvi, Carol Anne Duffy, Douglas Dunn and Ruth Padel- who wrote the
 foreword. The campaigner and philanthropist Sigrid Rausing wrote the afterword, saying: ‘Poetry brings tiny details to life, and in a world where human rights is mostly about reports and abstractions, where real life and real details are lost – poetry can still make us see, and feel.’

Our launch at the Bloomsbury Festival,
We launched the anthology at the Bloomsbury Festival in October 2013, and have a series of events planned to continue exploring 'In Protest' 2013- including workshops at Keats House and events at the University of Kent, the Stanza International Poetry Festival and with Exiled Writers Ink. 

  •  More information on the anthology which you can purchase for £7.99 here.
  • An interview about the anthology by Catriona Troth for Words with JAM here
  • For more information or to book a performance or workshop connected to 'In Protest' contact khpoets(at)hotmail.com or @KHPoets on twitter.